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We offer a wide and extensive range of Italian courses to meet the diverse and different needs of students. The courses – taught by highly qualified and motivated teachers with an extensive experience in teaching Italian as L2 (second language) – are held throughout the year and start every Monday.


Based on the results of the online test, students are placed in the class corresponding to their level of knowledge of the language. The CEFR defines six common reference levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Each student will receive special attention in relation to his/her own interests and needs. Particular importance is given to daily spoken Italian, oral expression, understanding and the ability to express oneself in many different situations. Teaching strategies are always considered and carried out in light of the experience of the class and the different groups.

For this reason we never ask our teachers to use only one grammar book, although the Founder and Director of Studies, Andrea Bernardoni, has written one himself.


Please note: your inclusion as a student in a given class on the basis of the online test result can be subject to changes. As a matter of fact, we give you the option to change class and level depending upon your situation. We also follow your progression and – in agreement with you – assess and recommend or encourage your progression to a higher level if appropriate.


If you are still uncertain about what Italian course suits you best, read the feedbacks of our students!


Standard General Group Course


Monday to Friday


Morning: 9.00am–1.00pm + mid-morning coffee-bar break (11.00am)


FOTO CON STUDENTI TERRAZZA TOURING - Ottobre 2015The classes are few in number and the average number of students for each class is around 4-8. The small class size guarantees special attention to each student’s individual needs, enables teachers to get to know their students as individuals and facilitates friendly relationships.

The daily Italian lesson consists of two parts: the first part of the lesson is mainly focused on the grammatical structure and vocabulary, whereas the second part is dedicated to the use of the Italian language (speaking, reading, listening and writing) focusing on expression and communication (current events, Italian culture, lifestyle, and other topics of interest will be discussed during this part of the lesson).

The Standard General Group Course has a mid-morning break when students and teachers go to a coffee-bar together: a wonderful chance to practice Italian with the locals, have a chat and get to know each other better.


Duration Hours Price/week Total price
1 week 20 hours € 255,00 € 255,00
2 weeks 40 hours € 240,00 € 480,00
3 weeks 60 hours € 220,00 € 660,00
4 weeks 80 hours € 195,00 € 780,00
5 weeks 100 hours € 180,00 € 900,00
6 weeks 120 hours € 175,00 € 1.050,00
7 weeks 140 hours € 170,00 € 1.190,00
8 weeks 160 hours € 165,00 € 1.320,00
9 weeks 180 hours € 160,00 € 1.440,00
10 weeks 200 hours € 155,00 € 1.550,00
11 weeks 220 hours € 150,00 € 1.650,00
12 weeks 240 hours € 145,00 € 1.740,00
13 weeks 260 hours € 144,00 € 1.872,00
14 weeks 280 hours € 143,00 € 2.002,00
15 weeks 300 hours € 142,00 € 2.130,00
16 weeks 320 hours € 141,00 € 2.256,00
20 weeks 400 hours € 130,00 € 2.600,00
24 weeks 480 hours € 120,00 € 2.880,00
36 weeks 720 hours € 115,00 € 4.140,00
48 weeks 960 hours € 105,00 € 5.040,00

NO ENROLLMENT FEES. All prices are tax included and include a student kit (bag, pen, notebook and useful information), didactic materials, participation in cultural and recreational activities and the attendance certificate stating the level attained.

Additional Information

With a view to transparency, the school wishes to point out that:

  • if, for any reason, only 1 student is enrolled or has remained in a group course at a certain level, the 4 hours of a Standard General Group Course will not be reduced to 2 hours, unless the student specifically requests to do so


  • Returning students: 10% discount on any of the courses.
  • Erasmus students and University students: 10% discount on any of the courses. You will also receive special linguistic assistance for exams and other needs, free of charge.
  • Au-Pair students: 10% discount on any of the courses.

Please note: offers cannot be combined.

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