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How to enroll

Our course registration process is very simple and straightforward and represents a great opportunity to measure your level of Italian. The process consists of four easy steps.

– Step 1 –

Online Test

Take and submit the online level test based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Knowledge – CEFR and provide us with the basic information about the course you are interested in and your contact details.

Take the online test

– Step 2 –

Availability check

We will immediately evaluate your test, check availability and provide you with your language level – based on the test results – as well as all the necessary and useful information you might need.

– Step 3 –


No downpayment required. A confirmation enrollment email will be sent to you within two working days.

Proceed to payment

– Step 4 –

Enrollment form

Once you have seen the options we found for you, fill in the enrollment form, where you will be asked to provide us with some personal information as well as the information on the course you want to enroll.

Fill in the enrollment form

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