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Hi! My name is Andrea and I am really happy to meet you!

I am the Founder and the Director of Studies (and one of the teachers too) of Academya Lingue. I deeply love teaching Italian to foreign students and  I do it with exceptional passion.

I have been teaching (both in Italy and in California – USA) for quite a long time. Particularly, I have been working in the wonderful city of Bologna since 2009 and am also expert in preparing students for University exams, Master tests and PhDs. I am also an Adjunt Professor at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna (BBS) in its International GLOBAL MBA Program and International Master Program.

I am a lawyer and a novelist, as well as an author of Italian grammar books for foreigners.

Together we are going to discover all the beautiful traditions of our breathtaking Country and all sorts of its customs. I will unveil Italy for you and your experience will be unique, fascinating, and unforgettable.


Hi! My name is Donatella and I have been teaching Italian languageculture since 2002. I first worked in Rome then in Mexico City for 10 years and now I am living and teaching in the wonderful city of Bologna.

In the class I aim to realize a friendly, relaxed, stimulating and cooperative environment. I love working with different materials and subjects (literature, cinema, art, history, music, recent news… my favourite subjects!) to arouse my students’ curiosity and interests. This also helps me to better understand their learning style.

Every time a new class starts a new trip where I am both a ‘guide teacher’ and a ‘teacher guided’ by new questions, suggestions and stories – yours!


Ciao, my name is Roberto!

I have a degree in Renaissance Philosophy in the oldest University of the world: Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna. I love teaching Italian and this passion has helped me building a bridge between my students’ culture and mine.

I believe that grammar is important and I will do my best to ensure you receive the best knowledge. I also strongly believe that it is important to experience Italy: I will be very happy to take you around our wonderful Bologna showing you its ancient buildings, porticoes and genuine trattorias.

I could be your guide during the school trips in some of Italy’s most amazing cities: together we are going to visit old castles, churches and monuments, getting involved in art and history.

While sharing a glass of wine and some good laughters we will enjoy not only the Italian language but also the culture, society and the real Italian lifestyle!


Hi, I’m Alice!

I graduated in Literature at the Bologna University and I have been teaching Italian to foreign students since 2005.

I lived in Chile for 10 years, working at the Dante Alighieri Society, before moving back to Bologna to go on with this exciting work that I love!

My classes are very dynamic and funny: I like to let my students discover our language and culture through literature and art, but also games and songs, and I am always open to new proposals and requests!

What are you waiting for? Jump with me into the secrets of the amazing Italian culture!


Hi everybody!
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Martina!

After graduating in Communications at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, I had the honor to do a post degree in Semiotics, in the actual department as founded by the great Umberto Eco.
My passion for semiotics has fueled an innate curiosity towards differing cultures and “alternative” ways of thinking. So, after gaining DITALS certification, I brought my love for the Italian language and culture to the rest of the world (from Hobart, in Tasmania, to London, Bilbao and Seville), I am always trying to make my lessons  a mutual exchange and mutual enrichment.
In addition to teaching I have another great passion: design. In 2013 I founded a company that is specialized in producing sustainable bags and accessories.
My creative blood flows through the veins of this beautiful school, where I will try to give you not only the tools to speak a new language, doing it “your own way”, whilst stimulating your interest, enhancing our cultural points of view and “growing” together.

I promise, you will have fun!


“Hi everyone! My name is Dora and I was born in the charming Bologna.

After a Master Degree in Communications and the study of two foreign languages, I specialized in the teaching of italian for foreigners gaining the DITALS certification and attending a second level Masters in “Teaching Italian Language and Culture to foreigners “ at the University of Rome.

In my free time I love creating bizarre jewels and writing, but my main passion is cinema, a cultural element which recurres during my lessons, together with italian songs, literature texts and didactic games.

In Academya Lingue there are no borders: everyday I have the chance to step into different cultures of the world, to teach my beautiful language but also to learn loads of new things thanks to you all!

The desire of bringing my Country around the world made me find different places to call home, i taught in Canada passing by France and Ireland, but at the end i returned to my roots and i will be very happy to let you discover all the secrets of the italian language and of my wonderful city: Bologna.”

Roberto (aka) Bob

My name is Roberto and before introducing myself I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this brief presentation, time that is always precious.
I received my bachelor’s degree in “Modern Literature” at the University Carlo Bò of Urbino and consequently the master’s degree in “Italian Studies and European Literary Cultures” at the University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum. My training path did not end in the academic environment, but rather continued (and is still in development) traveling the world, meeting people and discovering different cultures. In fact, I strongly believe that teaching is a dynamic subject, a weapon capable of overcoming social and cultural barriers, transforming them into an opportunity for enrichment. With that in mind, I taught in Kenya and Madagascar before returning to Bologna.
During the lessons, the first objective is to create a peaceful atmosphere, in which smileS, cooperation and exchange of ideas play an extremely important role. We will then immerse ourselves in the study of our beautiful language, ranging from its grammatical aspects to the communicative and cultural ones.


Hi everyone!
My name is Emilia and I have been living in this beautiful city for five years.
After graduating in “Linguistic mediation” at the University of Palermo, I decided to come to Bologna in order to continue to study, in fact I obtained my Master’s degree in “Italian language and culture for foreigners” because I wanted to become a teacher.
I love this job because thanks to it I have the opportunity to meet so many people from different cultures and this leads to the discovery of new points of view every day.
For me it is very important that the students learn while having fun, my goal is in fact always to make the lessons fun and interesting, by providing learning contexts as realistic as possible. Therefore we will learn together, between a laughter and another, to speak and to live “la bella lingua”!


Hi! I am Rossella and am so pleased to meet you.

I graduated in Literature at the University of Bologna and got my PhD in Italian Literature at the University of Siena. I am an enthusiastic teacher of Italian to foreigners because I see it as a way to renew my love for my native language and to explore its secrets.

I like to use my imagination with original teaching material, such as games, to involve my students in the learning process with a smile and lead them to a practical use of language. To me the most important thing is to listen to my students’ requests, in order to meet their needs and to respect the learning time and way of every and each student.

I use various techniques and subjects, helped by my passions – from cooking to literature, from theatre to songs.

I can’t wait to discover the breathtaking beauty of the Italian country and language with you!

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