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Day trips

Trip to Florence
We’ll visit the “capital” of the Italian Renaissance. During our tour we’ll have the chance to admire the suggestive church of Santa Maria Novella, the spectacular Duomo with its cupola, designed by Brunelleschi, the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the bell tower by Giotto. We’ll finish our visit with a walk along the banks of the Arno up to the famous Ponte Vecchio.


Trip to Ferrara
Together we’ll visit this beautiful town, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, and discover its history and its artistic treasures from the Medieval times to the Renaissance. We will also have the chance to visit the oldest tavern in Italy – Al Brindisi – which dates back to 1435.


Trip to Parma
Together we’ll visit this beautiful city and discover its historical centre, rich in artistic masterpieces, spacious green areas, large and small artistic treasures from different eras /from the Medieval era to the Renaissance) and its extraordinary culinary tradition.


Trip to Ravenna
We will visit together this beautiful town, made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will discover together its thousand-year-old history and its magnificent mosaics, testimony of its glorious past as the capital of the Western Roman Empire.


Trip to Modena
Together we’ll visit this small town steeped in history and surprises: the magnificent cathedral in Piazza Grande (which has now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Palazzo Ducale, the porticoes with the beautiful shops – and, to top it all off – a small aperitivo or a delicious ice-cream with a couple of drops of balsamic vinegar, world famous Modenese specialty and delicacy.

Trip to Reggio Emilia
Together we will visit this small Emilia town rich in history and tradition, well known for being the birthplace of the Italian flag and of Parmigiano Reggiano. It is also famous for its piazzas, it represents fully the typical “people-oriented” Italian town.


Trip to Carpi
We will visit this little Renaissance gem that preserves an important artistic patrimony, starting way back in the medieval era. We will have the chance to visit the Castello del Pio, the cathedral and the 52 arches of the Portico Lungo (the long portico) which face the monumental Piazza dei Martiri, the third biggest square in Italy.


Trip to Vignola
Together we’ll visit this suggestive medieval hamlet in the Modena hills, and, on our tour, we’ll also visit the Capuchin convent of Vignola, the church of San Nazario and San Celso, and the very famous castle, also known as the Rocca di Vignola.
We’ll finish our trip at the Pasticceria Gollini, where the Barozzi cake was born, the traditional Vignolese pudding and one of the nicest cakes in the entire region of Emilia Romagna.


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