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- Visas and permits -

Additional information

People from all over the world can obtain regular visas to study in Italy. Please, check the following website to verify whether you need a Study Visa or not and – if so – how to get it:

Visa for Italy


For any other information you may need, please check the following websites:

Italian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs

Italian Ministry of the Interiors

State Police


Some Countries may have special agreements with the Italian Government. Therefore the school always suggests asking details to the Italian Embassy or Consulate of the student’s Country.

Please, keep in mind that a certificate of enrollment is one of the requirements for obtaining a Study Visa.  In order to receive a certificate of enrollment the student is required to pay the full (100%) tuition fee. Upon the receipt of the payment of the full tuition fee, the school will send the student a certificate of enrollment.


Refund: if the student should not obtain the Study Visa, the school will refund the whole amount already paid less 100 euros for administration fee.


Please, note: we do not guarantee the visa grant. For any other information you may need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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